My experience with the team at Florida Payroll has been great! Their commitment to service is unmatched; it’s been a pleasure to work with them so far. Thanks so much for making our life easier!

Nancy Lambert


Orlando, FL

Contractor Services from Florida Payroll

Contractors face many challenges that other businesses do not experience. Challenges include tracking, paying and managing insurances, job/project reporting and insurance audits. Florida Payroll has specific services and programs to help contractors easily manage these challenges for success.


  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance is often difficult to obtain. We have programs that allow most contractors, even those difficult to insure, to obtain insurance. A newly established company or a company with one or more losses will benefit from this program


  • Did you know the dreaded Worker’s Comp audit can often be managed with no headaches? With our pay by payroll program, premiums are computed each pay period and remitted. The result? No unpleasant surprises! If you are audited, we will host the audit at our office and provide the reports.


  • We provide payroll reports with Job, Project or Department codes so you can allocate payroll costs to your projects. Better payroll reporting means more accurate tracking and management of your projects.


  • We take the burden of withholding and funding Employee Benefits off of you so you can concentrate on running your business. Ask us how we conveniently integrate Employee Benefits into your payroll process or visit our Business Services Page.


  • Where does it all start? With easy access to payroll processing. Use our secure web portal from any internet connection. Or to process payroll offline, send a fax or call your payroll in.

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