I travel out of the country often and the ability to be able to submit and have access to payroll from wherever I am in the world is not just convenient but invaluable.

Tim Gorgol, CEO/President

Martha Rey Retail, LLC

Out of the Blue Café
  and Wine Bar, Inc.

Business Services

Recruiting and retaining high-quality employees is critical to the success of any organization. Florida Payroll offers the tools and resources your business needs to establish a comprehensive benefits package, run first-class payroll, and stream-line administrative burdens.

Our business services allows you to focus on your core business while hiring and preserving key employees. Florida Payroll brings together our team of licensed professionals to help you with:

  • Retirement Plans including 401(k)
  • Background Checks
  • PEO/Employee Leasing
  • Health Insurance & Related

Retirement Plans Including 401(k)

One of the fastest growing benefit sectors in the marketplace today are Defined Contribution Plans, commonly referred to as 401(k)s. Confidence is shrinking in Social Security, therefore there is no better tool for long term investment and savings than a 401(k). A customized plan can give you, the business owner, the ability to maximize your tax deferrals and save for your retirement while rewarding your key employees. Florida Payroll designs the retirement plan structure in accordance with your goals while handling all the administration, compliance, and testing through our partner company.

Easily save for your future with a retirement plan. Contact Florida Payroll to find out how.

Background Checks

Ready to make a hiring decision, but need to ensure that you are hiring the right candidate? Florida Payroll works to provide background information on your potential employee, including criminal record, bankruptcy filing, current and previous addresses and property records. Please ask us about our array of background check options and use background checks to protect your company.

PEO/Employee Leasing

A PEO (employee leasing) will offer a variety of benefits including health insurance, 401(k) plans and human resource management.

When a small business contracts with a PEO, the employees become employees of the PEO and since the company’s employees are pooled with employees of other companies, the small business is able to enjoy much lower insurance rates. The employees are also offered a full benefit package which can include health, dental, vision, life and a 401(k) plan. The business owner benefits by having access to professional Human Resource personnel and materials.

A PEO is a win-win scenario for both the small business owner and its employees. Florida payroll works with many quality PEOs in the Central Florida area.

Health Insurance & Related

Florida Payroll offers our clients group benefits (health, dental, vision, life and disability) underwritten by United, BCBS, Aetna, Humana, Principal and others through our partner company. We can also take over the servicing of your existing benefit plans and coordinate the deductions and payments with Florida Payroll. Now you can have one contact for all your payroll and benefit needs.

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